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1st October 2014

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my feminist goal is not to convince men that girls are of value, my feminist goal is to achieve a future where the judgement of our value isn’t in the hands of men. 

and this goes for, especially goes for, trans girls, girls of colour, disabled girls and LGBTQA+ girls. 

girls, all girls, and if you believe otherwise don’t reblog this.

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30th September 2014

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im crying


im crying

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30th September 2014

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what is this magic?!

This magic is a Turkish technique called Ebru.  It uses dyes, paints, or pigments to draw on water, the finished image is then transferred to paper or fabric by laying it over the image.  

Also, watch more here.  And credit the artist: Garip Ay

This is also how one makes those marbled endsheets for books!

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30th September 2014

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Aw yeah I can’t wait for critique on this today. (what an obnoxiously large name and year Joni) I’ll post progress work later this week. (and also other project work because I forgot about the previous week’s work. whoops) 

True story.

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29th September 2014

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A graduate student has created the first man-made biological leaf. It absorbs water and carbon dioxide to produce oxygen just like a plant. He did this by suspending chloroplasts in a mixture made out of silk protein. He believed it can be used for many things but the most striking one is the thought that it could be used for long distance space travel. Plants do not grow in space, but this synthetic material can be used to produce oxygen in a hostile environment. (Video)


Holy fudge

Oh, wow COOL! (And one of those “why didn’t someone think of this before?” moments, though maybe they did and just weren’t successful.)

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29th September 2014

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Literature isn’t innocent. I’ve known that since I was fifteen.

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29th September 2014

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29th September 2014

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Do you ever think, "Wow, I really wish there was a public record of where tagged sharks go and what they do with their time"? →


This is that record. This is that record that you have been looking for.

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28th September 2014

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28th September 2014

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*unbaes you*

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